Cleaning your Dogs’ Ears

Ear cleaning is an essential part of your dog’s basic healthcare. All dogs should have their ears cleaned from time to time, but some dogs need more frequent and thorough cleaning than others. Here’s what you need to know about cleaning your dog’s ears.

When it comes to ear cleaning, we are focused upon the external ear canal. Ear wax, debris and dirt can easily build up in the ridges of the external canal. If inflammation (otitis) takes place (either from buildup or from allergies), the canal can become infected. These infections can be identified because of either the inflammation or the discharge seen from the ear. Your pet will often shake their head or itch at their ears. Ear infections often will have a “musty” smell. This is common with yeast. Regular cleaning can help prevent infections. Using an appropriate ear cleaner, you can release wax and debris from the canal and help dry the ear.

At Bell Veterinary Clinic we recommend weekly inspection and if necessary, cleaning with an appropriate ear cleaner. We have this available at the clinic and will be happy to demonstrate the proper techniques to keep your pet’s ears healthy. Often times allergies will manifest themselves as ear infections. If your pet has frequent infections or infections that return shortly after treating them, underlying allergies may be the cause.

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