10 Hazardous Hiding Places your Cat thinks of

1. Dishwasher – Always look for Kitty before starting the machine.

2. Washer-dryer – Don’t leave the door open when not in use; always check inside before starting a cycle.

3. Wood stove – Light the kindling and shut the door only AFTER doing a thorough check.

4. Reclining chair (La-Z-Boy) – Believe it or not, this is a prime small-animal hiding spot, so check under the seat and evict the previous occupant before you recline, to prevent injury.

5. Cardboard delivery boxes – Cats are notorious box nesters, so take care not to throw Kitty out with the recycling.

6. In the corners of closets

7. Rafters

8. Under the hood of your car. In the winter time cats may seek the warmness from your car’s engine. It is a good idea to honk your horn before starting your car.

9. Refrigerator

10. In your kitchen cupboards