Adequan is a polysulfated glucosaminoglycan that is injected into the muscle of dogs to help control and manage the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Adequan helps prevent the cartilage in your dog’s joint from wearing away. It helps keep the cartilage healthy and intact, so that the bone in the joint cannot touch other bones. No other drug for arthritis can do that.

Numerous studies show that Adequan stops the cartilage from breaking down and actually supports the repair process. Adequan is FDA approved and is the only drug of its kind. At Bell Veterinary Clinic, the protocol we use is 1 injection per week for 4 weeks then a booster shot every 6 weeks after that. Many older dogs in this practice have gotten the benefits from these shots and are living happier, healthier lives. Through the use of adequan, we have sometimes been able to reduce the amount of pain medications that your pet may need to take.

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