Is My Cat Sick?

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 cat sick 1

1. Changes in Eating or Drinking Habits

Any change in a cat’s eating/drinking behavior or routine may be a sign of sickness. Signs to watch for include:

  • A decrease in food intake that lasts for more than a couple of days
  • An increased or excessive appetite could be a sign of diabetes or hyperthyroidism
  • An increase in water intake or an excessive thirst
  • Not drinking any water


2. Lethargy

  • Changes in their sleeping patterns, or an increase in sleeping time, may be a sign of a medical problem. A sick cat may seem lethargic and shows very little interest in anything.


3. Changes in Grooming Habits

  • Cats are generally very fastidious animals and groom themselves much of the time they are awake. When a cat suddenly stops grooming itself, it is often a sign of illness. On the other hand, a cat that incessantly grooms one spot of its body may also have a medical condition.


4. Vomiting


5. Sneezing, Runny nose or a greenish discharge from the nose, Redness around the nose, Coughing



6. Scratching or shaking its head, Excessive drooling or salivating


7. Urinating outside of the litter box or other abnormal litter box behavior


8. Any change in bowel movements, including diarrhea and constipation



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