Bell Veterinary Clinic takes the issue of arthritis pain very seriously. We approach the treatment and management of arthritic pain from multiple angles. If you think your pet has any signs of arthritis call us today and we can discuss treatment options.

Could your dog suffer from arthritis? The answer is yes. About 20% of all dogs in this country suffer from arthritis symptoms. As much as 80% of dogs over 7 may be showing signs of joint issues. Arthritis symptoms develop slowly over time, causing your pet pain and sometimes preventing him or her from doing all the things he wants to do. It can make the simplest movements, like getting up, climbing stairs or walking painful and tedious.

Signs of Arthritis

There are signs of arthritis that every pet owner can watch for as their pet gets older. Our pets never call out to us when they have arthritis pain and complain, they almost never just lay around and whine. We have to be observant for changes in our pet’s behavior.


  • Sluggishness, not moving as fast as they used to
  • lower activity levels, if they are not as playful as they used to be or if they don’t play for as long
  • reluctance to walking, running, climbing stairs, jumping or playing
  • lagging behind on walks
  • withdrawn behavior
  • personality or behavior changes

Risk factors of arthritis
Arthritis can affect all breeds of dogs or cats, some risk factors make arthritis more prevalent


  • Being overweight Some dogs and cats just love to eat, those love handles are a contributor to developing joint problems.
  • Large or Giant Breeds Big dogs are carrying a lot more weight and putting more stress on those joints.
  • Age – Age is not a disease but time is a factor and wear and tear on those joints adds up.
  • Traits such as hip dysplasia Inherited disease is common in some breeds of dogs.
  • Joint trauma That time when Rex was run over in the past may predispose him to osteoarthritis.

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