Wintertime Hazards For Your Pet


Here are some hazards to watch out for when the days are short, the air is cold and snow and ice cover the ground.


    1. Antifreeze Antifreeze is deadly for pets! It also smells and tastes good to pets. Less than one tablespoon may be lethal for a ten pound dog. A single teaspoon can be fatal to cats.


    1. Ice melting compounds Ice Melting Products like Rock salt and De-icing chemicals are irritating to your pet’s skin and mouth as well as your pet’s paws and foot pads


    1. Rat and Mouse baits When its cold outside the mice like to start looking for warm places. Be sure if you use mouse poisons that they are not accessible to your pet. Most rat poisons are anticoagulants which cause internal bleeding which is very dangerous to your pet. If you suspect your pet has eaten any rat poison, call us immediately at 810 678 3938.


    1. Temperature extremes Bring your pet indoors when it’s very cold outside and if he or she spends a lot of time outdoors’s be sure to provide proper shelter with extra bedding and a wind flap.


    1. Keep hair mats to a minimum Groom your dog and cat regularly to remove mats. This helps your pets hair coat to provide proper insulation so he or she can stay warm during the winter season.


    1. Watch for frostbite Frost bite risk areas include your pet’s ears, nose, tip of the tail and ears. Frostbitten areas of your pet’s skin initially turn a reddish color then they become gray.


    1. Watch for cats under your car’s hood Cats enjoy hiding under your car’s hood near warm engines. Before starting your car this winter, look under your hood and honk your horn.


    1. Watch out for thin ice Watch out for frozen lakes, rivers and ponds. Pets can easily to slip and fall in frozen water. Unfortunately not all pets can swim especially in freezing water.