Puppy Health


Puppy Health Plan

We offer a complete puppy healthcare plan that includes everything your puppy needs to protect them from parasitic and infectious disease. We’re here to help you so you may focus on enjoying your new family member. By purchasing the puppy health plan you can take all the worry out of making sure your new puupy has all its immunizations and preventives to be healthy and happy. You also get the benefit of savings of 30% over everything seperately.

6-8 week visit
Distemper Combo #1
Fecal Exam
Intestinal Dewormer
Heartworm Preventive

9-11 week visit
Distemper combo #2
Bordatella vaccine
Fecal exam
Intestinal Dewormer
Heartworm Preventive

12-15 week visit
Distemper combo #3
Lyme vaccine
Intestinal dewormer
Heartworm Preventive

16-18 week visit
Lyme vaccine Booster
Rabies vaccine
Heartworm preventive

Spay/neuter is not included in the pricing but you will receive a 10% discount on the procedure if done between 16-20 weeks of age.

You will receive a reminder card in the mail as procedures are due so you won’t forget.