Senior Care

Senior care

Humans and pets are living longer today because of improved diets and medical care. Many pet owners fail to realize that pets age more rapidly than humans and the gradual onset of age related problems in pets may be both unexpected and distressing. We now recognize that 80-95% of geriatric pets with kidney, heart liver or joint disease also have dental disease. The American Heart Association has suggested that many of these diseases may be a direct result of bacterial gingivitis and dental disease.

Many of these age related problems are readily dectectable and controllable if diagnosed early. A twice yearly thorough physical examination is now suggested for all senior pets and laboratory screening tests are advisable at least yearly and possibly more frequently if specific conditions warrant close follow up. Pets over 7 years(5 years in giant breed dogs) are considered seniors. Laboratory testing also provides baseline values or “normals” for your pet which can aid in treatment if your pet becomes ill.

Bell Veterinary Clinic offers senior care plans at discounted prices to help give you the best veterinary care for your pet.

Senior Silver Plan
Comprehensive Physical Exam
Complete Blood Count(CBC)- checks for anemia, lymphoma, blood parasites, infection or clotting problems
Biochemical profile- looks for kidney and liver disease, diabets, cancer, pancreatic disease, cholesterol, etc
Urinalysis-checks for bladder and kidney issues along with other metbolic diseases
Fecal exam- intestinal parasites and protozoa
Thyroid screening
Tonomety- checks for glaucoma and uveitis

Senior Gold Plan
Includes everything that is in the senior silver plan, plus a dental cleaning. Package includes anesthesia, ultrasonic scaling, polishing, fluoride treatment, nail trim and ear cleaning (Does not include: tooth extractions, antibiotics, dental radiographs or gingivectomy)