I want to adopt a puppy, what should I do?

At Bell Veterinary Clinic we strive to help each and every one of you get the most enjoyment out of having a pet. We are here to help you achieve many years of happiness with your new companion. Often times these furry friends just fall in our lap through a twist of fate but sometimes it takes a while to choose the right one. Picking out the right puppy or dog is your first step in realizing this goal. Here are some quick questions you can ask yourself before you go pick out your new friend. Call us at 810 678 3938 and ask one of our friendly staff.

What is the reasoning behind picking out a new pet? Is it companionship, someone to cuddle with in front of the TV, maybe a new hunting buddy.

Do you have children or grandchildren? Some breeds are better with small children than others.

How much exercise can I provide for my new pet? Some working breed dogs require lots of exercise and develop bad habits if they are bored.

Will my pet be alone a lot? You may have a busy schedule that will make high maintenance breeds less desirable.

Does this breed have any major health concerns? Some breeds of dogs come with specific health needs that need to be addressed. Make sure you do your homework and be sure to have any new recruit to the family examined by our staff.

Have you considered how adding a new pet to your household may affect your current pet? We are happy to help with advice on acclimating a new pet to the household.

How much can you financially manage for your pet? No one likes to bring up money when you are thinking of a new pet but some breeds are more cost prohibitive than others. Sometimes the larger the pet the greater the cost for feeding, general care and medical needs.

How much grooming and shedding can you deal with? This is important to think about when choosing a new pet.