Allie Bell

~Foodie, Information Addict, Achiever, 1st Twin, Black Cat Enthusiast, Who took my scissors?, I dip my burnt cheezits in BBQ sauce~

Allie has worked with Bell Veterinary Clinic since 2015. She has a Veterinary Assistant Certificate and is currently working on her Veterinary Technician License through Penn Foster. Allie has awards in the State Veterinary Science Career Development as well as receiving 1st place for a Public Speech on Heartworm in Dogs. Her roommate is a black cat named Rain, (who only likes Allie). Along with working with her dad, Dr. Bell, and her mom, Wendy, and sister, Sam, she loves educating our clients while helping and handling different animals. In her free time, Allie likes reading, hiking, kayaking, and watching Netflix with her mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Allie has a big heart and is very passionate about animals!