Imagine your pet running out the door between your legs and down the street into the cold night. Imagine them jumping out of the car door when you stop at a rest area or pulling out of their collar and chasing off after a rabbit. These scenarios happen more often than you think and are often an unavoidable problem when you have pets.

Thousands of pets each year who wander off or get lost are reunited with their owners and their families because of a small microchip implanted under their skin between their shoulder blades. Dogs and cats can’t talk or tell people where they live and that there are worried families out looking for them. A permanent microchip that has a unique identification number may be the only way for a stranger or Animal Control Officer to be able to find out where a lost pet lives.

At Bell Veterinary Clinic, every time a stray animal is presented to us for an examination, the first thing we do is scan the animal for a microchip. We have been able to reunite many lost pets with their owners. A microchip is a small, unobtrusive, permanent form of identification that is placed under the skin between the shoulder blades. It is not a tracking chip but the unique number that is readable with a scanner is a way to trace the pet back to you.


Make an appointment today to get a microchip placed in your pet or better yet have it implanted when you get them spayed or neutered. We make it an option on our surgery consent form so your pet can have the quick procedure done when safely under anesthesia. One further thing with microchips, make sure to register the chip in your name and keep the contact information as up to date as possible. Having up to date contact info makes it possible to quickly be reunited with your pet.