Wendy Bell

~Wife & Mom in Style, Whiskey-Sour Connoisseur, Social Butterfly, Organized-Chaos, I’ve got an essential oil for that~

Wendy and Dr. Bell were high school sweethearts and are happily married 25 years with 3 daughters. They have twins, Allie and Sam, and daughter Michaila with grandson Kollin. Wendy is from Michigan Center and has an Associate’s Degree in Health and Human Services and has a Business Network International award. Their 4-legged kids are Jenna (Beagle mix), Trigger (Brittney), and Gracie (Lab). Wendy’s favorite part of working at the practice is working with her family. She loves the interaction with clients and their pets. People may not know that Wendy is a cosmetologist and went to college to be a juvenile delinquent officer. Wendy enjoys shopping, sewing, and spending time with her family and friends. Wendy is the glue for the Bell Vet Family!